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GOŠK Gabela Željezničar Sarajevo gledaj 16/12/2023 Sport

prije 11 sati — ... Željezničar Sarajevo Posušje uživo prijenos gledaj 26 prije 6 dana ... GOŠK Gabela Široki Brijeg 2. dec 2023. — Sloga Doboj Borac Banja Luka ...

Premier League creation 2000–01[edit] Full and final agreement on unified N/FSBiH and its competition, Premier League BiH (Premijer Liga), happened in the fall 2000. However, the first 2000–01 season seen clubs from Federation of BiH only, while clubs from Republic of Srpska entity continue to compete in their own separate league as their entity association still refused to join agreed unified N/FSBiH and its new competition. Sarajevo Tuzla uživo prijenos gledaj 24 novembar 2023 24. nov 2023. — 2023 vs Nema nikakvih tipova jos Gošk Gabela... (TV==) Željezničar Sarajevo Igman Konjic uživo prijenos 30. 0 30. aug 2023. — (STREAMING##) ... Winner of play-off Runners-up of play-off Winning manager Top scorer(s) of play-off Player(s) (Club) 1997–981 Željezničar (1) Enver Hadžiabdić (1) Stanko Bubalo (Široki Brijeg) Hadis Zubanović (Željezničar) 3 1998–992 Sarajevo (1) Nermin Hadžiahmetović (3) — 1999–20003 Brotnjo (1) Budućnost Ivo Ištuk (1) Zikret Kuljaninović (Budućnost) Alen Škoro (Sarajevo) Halim Stupac (Jedinstvo) 5 1 A play-off between the best placed teams of First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina and First League of Herzeg-Bosnia was played; without clubs from First League of Republika Srpska. The best two clubs got the right to play in 1998–99 UEFA Cup. 2 Play-off was scheduled but was later canceled because of stadium issues. However, UEFA and FIFA never intended to recognize this separate organization nor its competition, which meant clubs could not compete outside territory of the entity and would not compete internationally. This situation forced clubs to insist that their organization also join N/FSBiH, and two years later they became part of the competition for the season 2002–03. Ever since the year 2000 Premier League is the top tier of Bosnia and Herzegovina football, with two entity-based leagues, First League of Republika Srpska and First League of the Federation of BiH, being pushed to the second tier of the football pyramid and serve as feeder leagues to Premier League. Three different leagues played, no play-off contested, therefore no club got the right to play in European competition. 3 A play-off between the best placed teams of First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina and First League of Herzeg-Bosnia was played without clubs from First League of Republika Srpska. Three clubs got the right to play in European competition. Premier League Champions[edit] Since the 2000–01 season, the first tier of Bosnia and Herzegovina's football competition became the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Champions(Premier League titles) Third place Top scorer(s) 2000–011 Željezničar (2) Brotnjo Amar Osim (1) Dželaludin Muharemović (Željezničar) 2001–021 Željezničar (3) Amar Osim (2) Ivica Huljev (Željezničar) 15 2002–03 Leotar (1) Milan Jovin (1) Emir Obuća (Sarajevo) 24 2003–04 Široki Brijeg (1) Alen Škoro (Sarajevo) 20 2004–05 Zrinjski (1) Franjo Džidić (1) Zoran Rajović (Zrinjski) 17 2005–06 Široki Brijeg (2) Zrinjski Ivica Barbarić (1) Petar Jelić (Modriča) 19 2006–07 Sarajevo (2) Slavija Husref Musemić (1) Stevo Nikolić (Modriča) Dragan Benić (Borac) 2007–08 Modriča (1) Čelik Zenica Slaviša Božičić (1) Darko Spalević (Slavija) 18 2008–09 Zrinjski (2) Sloboda Tuzla Dragan Jović (1) 2009–10 Željezničar (4) Borac Amar Osim (3) Feđa Dudić (Travnik) 2010–11 Borac (1) Vlado Jagodić (1) Ivan Lendrić (Zrinjski) 2011–12 Željezničar (5) Amar Osim (4) Eldin Adilović (Željezničar) 2012–13 Željezničar (6) Amar Osim (5) Emir Hadžić (Sarajevo) 2013–14 Zrinjski (3) Branko Karačić (1) Wagner (Široki Brijeg) 2014–15 Sarajevo (3) Dženan Uščuplić (1) Riad Bajić (Željezničar) 2015–16 Zrinjski (4) Vinko Marinović (1) Leon Benko (Sarajevo) 2016–17 Zrinjski (5) Blaž Slišković (1) Ivan Lendrić (Željezničar) 2017–18 Zrinjski (6) Blaž Slišković (2) Miloš Filipović (Zrinjski) 2018–19 Sarajevo (4) Husref Musemić (2) Sulejman Krpić (Željezničar) 2019–20[nb 1] Sarajevo (5) Vinko Marinović (2) Mersudin Ahmetović (Sarajevo) 2020–21 Borac (2) Velež Marko Maksimović (1) Nemanja Bilbija (Zrinjski) 2021–22 Zrinjski (7) Sergej Jakirović (1) 33 2022–23 Zrinjski (8) Krunoslav Rendulić (1) 1 Played without clubs from the Republika Srpska entity of BiH which have only taken part in the league since 2002. Manijaci o meču sa GOŠK-om: Pokažimo snagu i prije 5 dana — Željezničar i Sarajevo bez po jednog prvotimca Pročitaj više NE GLEDAJ TABELU - SVI U GABELU! - poručili su Manijaci. #FK ŽELJEZNIČAR#MANIJACI ... Only football on a territory under the control of then Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions and auspices of N/FSBiH, at the time consequently with Bosniak majority, apart from a brief competition for the season 1994–95 (won by Čelik Zenica), came to a standstill. Competition under auspices of N/FSBiH did not resume until 1995–96 season when the First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina was launched. [1] Post-war period 1996–2000[edit] These three separate football leagues were operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina until 1998, and 2000. Times finished in first three[edit] Counting since when the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina is played and recognized by UEFA, season 2000–01 Winners Runner-up Times finished in first three 7 2 4 6 8 13 10 1 0 Sloboda Modriča Čelik Cities[edit] The following table lists the champions by cities; Counting since when the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina is played and recognized by UEFA, season 2000–01 City Titles Winning clubs 9 Željezničar (5), Sarajevo (4) Trebinje Notable performances in Europe[edit] In the qualifiers for the 2002–03 UEFA Champions League, Željezničar gained the first big success in Bosnian post-war club-football, going all the way to the last qualifying round for the most important club competition in Europe. After big wins over ÍA Akraness and Lillestrøm, however, they were held by Newcastle United. Tuzla City GOŠK Gabela uživo prijenos gledaj 30 oktobar 30. okt 2023. — Željezničar Sarajevo gledati prijenos 27 oktoba prije 2 dana — [Gledaj televiziju!!]]] Željezničar Sarajevo GOŠK Gabela uživo FK Tuzla ... Actually very simple, after all the 12 clubs play each other two times, once home and once away, they play each other three times, also playing home or away depending on how the schedule is made. With that, the league season has 33 full rounds instead of the 22 rounds and an additional 10 rounds in the relegation and championship games. [2] [edit] On 31 July 2012, the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a two-year deal with BH Telecom regarding the sponsorship of the league, effectively renaming the league BH Telecom Premier League. [3] The deal was extended once more before the start of 2014–15 season. Since FIFA and UEFA showed support only for the association operating under patronage of the official and internationally recognized state institutions, during the war and prior to Dayton Peace Agreement as well as after its signage, they endorsed unification of all three organizations as N/FSBiH. This also came as a consequence of FIFA decision to recognize N/FSBiH already in July 1996, while in the same year UEFA admitted N/FSBiH as an adjacent member until 1998 when they recognized its full membership. This meant that only N/FSBiH clubs and its national team could compete at the international and official level. The winner of the Bosnian Cup as well as the runner-up and third placed team on the table starts from the first qualifying round of the UEFA Europa Conference League. At the end of the season, the bottom two teams are relegated while winners of the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the First League of the Republika Srpska are promoted to the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. History[edit] War period 1992–1996[edit] After breakup of Yugoslavia, and following proclamation of independence in late winter 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina clubs left the Yugoslav First League, which ceased to exist after the 1991–92 season. Gabela vs Zeljeznicar Live Score and Live Stream Gabela (also known as GOŠK, GOŠK Gabela or NK Gošk) and Zeljeznicar Gabela have lost to Sarajevo in their previous match while Zeljeznicar are on a losing ... HŠK Posušje Borac Banja Luka gledaj 15 decembar 2023 prije 9 sati — ) 10 Sun Oct 8, 2023 2:00 PM GOSK Gabela (9. HŠK Posušje vs FK Borac — )) Sarajevo Posušje uživo prijenos gledaj 11 august 2023 [[[Gledaj ... NK GOSK Gabela v Zeljeznicar LIVE 16. 12. 2023 | Football GOSK Gabela - Home Zeljeznicar - Away. Last matches: GOSK Gabela. 09.12.23PL FK Sarajevo GOSK Gabela30. L. 03.12.23PL GOSK Gabela Siroki Brijeg00. D. 26.11.23PL ... NK GOŠK Gabela NK GOŠK vs FK Željezničar Perica Pero Pavlović Subota, 16.12.2023 FK Sarajevo vs NK GOŠK 《《 3 : 0 》》 · Jasna Milicevic and 24 others · 󰤥 25. GOŠK Gabela - FK Željezničar Rezultati uživo, međusobni GOŠK Gabela FK Željezničar rezultati uživo (i video prijenos - live stream) počinju 16. pro 2023. u 15:00 UTC u na Premijer Liga, Bosnia & Herzegovina. [1] Final unification has been preceded by several stages. At first was created a playoff where clubs were playing for the champion under N/FSBiH auspices. Idea was that playoff under unified N/FSBiH auspices should bring together clubs competing under three separate organizations for the first time but was rejected by Serb association, leaving clubs from Croat football association and N/FSBiH participating playoff for the seasons 1997–98 and 1999–00, while 1998–99 playoff was canceled due to Croat's association hesitation on the decision on which stadiums games should be played. Next season playoff was resumed for the last time prior to full and final agreement on unified N/FSBiH and its competition, Premier League BiH (Premijer Liga), in the fall 2000. Posušje Borac gledaj 15/12/2023 prije 6 dana — Željezničar S prije 12 sati — Susret u Modriči je gledalo 150 navijača. Zrinjski je pregazio GOŠK u Gabeli sa 5:1. 11. 2023 13:00 Željezničar 11. 2023 20:45 Sarajevo 05. 2023 ...


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