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Jos Binoye
Jos Binoye

When is it too Late to Fire your Attorney?

Dealing with a family law dispute can be overwhelming. You trust your attorney to guide you through the legal process and achieve the compensation you deserve. However, if you think your attorney is failing to represent your interests, the law empowers you to change your legal representation. But when is it too late to fire your attorney?

The decision to switch your lawyer during an ongoing case should not be taken lightly. You must understand your rights as a client and the potential consequences of firing your lawyer.

What to Consider Before Firing Your Attorney?

While you are free to change your attorney whenever you like, certain situations may lead to damaging consequences to your case if you do so.

Firstly, if your family law case is close to a trial date and your attorney has spent significant time building your case, firing them at this stage may be detrimental to your objectives.

Secondly, if your attorney is amidst settlement negotiations with your ex-spouse, changing attorneys now may jeopardize the process and cause it to start from scratch.

Thirdly, there are some instances when the court limits your rights to change attorneys if a verdict is near.

If you are considering switching your lawyers, get in touch with Jos Family Law over a free consultation. We will explain your options and the possible repercussions of firing your attorney. If it's feasible to do so, we will create a plan to fire your attorney without affecting your case's outcome.

Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to to get in touch.


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