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The Cocoa we use

When The Curious Cocoa Company was first launched we wanted to make sure that the base chocolate we used was supporting farmers from the original source. We use Callebaut chocolate and as a company they support Cocoa Horizons. What does that mean? So for each chocolate you buy, Cocoa Horizons reinvests a part in farmer training and farming tools to elevate farmers into experts. With their crops, they can continue bringing you superior taste. And in turn, they make a better living out of cocoa farming.Callebeaut source cocoa sustainably: for every bag of beans they buy, they reinvest part in farmer training and coaching. This way, cocoa farmers become better farmers, make a better income and can keep soiling with great taste.Part of the revenue of their chocolate goes back to farmers. It is invested in training programmes and tools for cocoa farmers to become better craftsmen. And better beans means better taste, and a better price for their crop. So, if you buy our chocolate you are helping others, what’s not to love about that?! 

Callebaut farmers
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