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Selection box lids and base:
Manufactured in the UK using virgin fibre
material from sustainable sources | Biodegradable and Recyclable | Migration Harmless™ non toxic (food safe primary packaging) inks and aqueous coating. 

Vac form insert trays:
rPET | Pentaform® PVC is classified as Category 3 recyclable but local facilities vary greatly | PET is widely recycled - but check with your local facilities. 



Biodegradable cellophane:
Cellulose Cellophane is Vegan Friendly, 100% Biodegradable, Compostable & Food Grade Certificated.

SGS Process Certificated,
BRC Certification Body, 
Futamura Certificated, 
UK Food Certificated, 
Assurances by NatureFlex material meets relevant requirements laid down in EU legislation for food contact materials.

Sticker Colour Gold - The Curious Cocoa

The Future

We are actively looking and researching sustainable products for our boxes, bars and other products. 

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